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CAF: Liberian Musa Bility Attacks President Ahmad

Musa Bility, a member of the Executive Committee of the African Football Confederation (CAF), has resigned from two of his positions at CAF.

The Liberian, former opponent of Issa Hayatou and former presidential candidate for FIFA, this time attacks the current boss of African football, Ahmad Ahmad.
Nearly two years after his election as head of the African Football Confederation (CAF), Ahmad suffered a violent charge from one of his former supporters.
The Liberian Musa Bility, known for his outspokenness, this time attacked the Malagasy, in a letter dated February 1, 2019. “I think we are in a worse situation than two years ago,” he says.
This member of the government of African football, the Executive Committee (ComEx) CAF, accuses its president of abuse of power, including.
“The irony in all this is that this is why we fought for things to change,” he says, referring to the latest terms of Ahmad’s predecessor, Issa Hayatou.
“The executive power of the CAF is conferred on the executive committee, writes Musa Bility in a letter addressed to the Malagasy. In other words, you can not assume prerogatives that you do not have. Each decision of the CAF President must be approved by the Executive Committee.
This is clearly not the case now. The former presidential candidate of the International Football Federation refers in particular to the upheavals in the allocation of the 2021 and 2023 Nations Cups of Africa.
Musa Bility was surprised when he told the Ivorian press that the Executive Committee had never decided on November 30, 2018 to award CAN 2021 to Cameroonians as a compensation for CAN 2019, which had been withdrawn.
The Liberian version went totally against Ahmad’s and his vice-presidents’. The former boss of Liberia FA says he is still wanted in high places for this media release, despite mediation: “Surprisingly, I was amazed that the president still had after me in relation to this case. ”
Musa Bility claims to have made the decision to resign from two of his positions at CAF: President of the Organizing Committee of the African Nations Championship, and member of the Emergency Committee of the African Football Confederation.

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